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Classic | $125/mo

Our membership plan with all the moving parts needed for an entrepreneur used to grinding solo. Grants 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. weekday access to our building 15 days each month & discounted conference or event room hours for your growing team. 

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Faction | $350/mo

For professional teams of 3 or less that need consistent flexibility, we've got the solution. The Faction plan includes the following monthly perks: 8 a.m.-10 p.m. weekday access, 10 meeting room hours* & 8 guest passes. Not to mention discounted event space pricing. 

Platinum | $500/mo

This plan offers unlimited weekday after-hours eligibility for large teams. Granting up to 5 team members 20 meeting room hours*, 25 guest passes & digital advertising, rest assured your options means your business can constantly grow. 

Guest Pass | $10 

Exclusive to card holding members that need another mind at the table. Get this discounted day pass rate for your guests that aren't ready to join quite yet. Now you can show them in person everything you've been bragging about at the bar. 

Day Pass | $20

Perfect for businesses of any size that aren't quite ready for commitment. If you'd just like to take a spin on the wild side and see what the CRC has to offer occasionally, this is the deal for you. Grants access to coworking spaces for the day. 

Weekend Warrior | $50/mo

For some, the hustle never stops. If you can't wait for Monday to keep chipping away at that next big breakthrough, this is the add-on for you. Exclusive to card-holding members looking for extra legroom over the weekend.

* Not limited to quiet conference room. Bookable meeting room hours entitle members to reserve any space outside of the Garage & Patio for private use. 

Resource Rentals


Wireless & Handheld Mics


Rolling Whiteboard

A/V Cables & Adapters

Color Printing

B&W Printing









Audio Equipment



Additional Members**

5p.m.-10p.m. access

**Platinum members only







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